VIGOR Protocol Liquidity Campaign on EOS EOSIO DeFi

Enjoy TRIPLE rewards as a EOS/VIGOR Liquidity Provider on

VIGOR Protocol rolled out a campaign for the community to earn VIGs rewards by adding liquidity on Wallets that provide EOS/VIGOR liquidity on Defibox will be entitled to a share of 1 Million VIG (USD 3500).

VIGOR Protocol liquidity campaign starts 9th April and ends 16th April ( 7 days ).

On EOS/VIGOR pair there are 3 incentives:

1). BOX 2.0 mining weight

2). VIG mining rewards

3). Fee revenue

On you can earn becoming a Liquidity Provider, all you have to do is to set your own pool providing equal value for both tokens of your chosen pair. As people use it, you will earn a commission on it.
To give you a proof of ownership of that liquidity share the system issues a special token called LP, in proportion to how much liquidity you supplied to the pool. The fees are therefore distributed proportionally amongst all the LP token holders. In addition to this defibox it offers an additional income from BOX mining.


1). Navigate to
2). Click on the ‘sign’ button on the top right corner of the page.

3). Connect your EOS wallet like Anchor, Scatter, Tokepocket ect.

4). Select EOS/VIGOR pairs and click on ‘add liquidity’

5). Select the quantity of one token. The system automatically calculates the amount of the other token

6). Press the ‘confirm’ button and sign the request.
7). Defibox give you a BOXLP (BOXBX) token representative of your ownership, now you are an EOS/VIGOR Liquidity Provider!!! 🥳

You can claim hourly your VIG rewards here:

The more liquidity you add, the higher will be your percentage of the USD 3500 valued VIG prize.

You need enough CPU resources in your EOS account to perform these actions, take a look here: for automatic resource allocation.

Keep in check your impermanent loss, providing any liquidity to a pool, you get high yield but also high risks.

How to get & what is VIGOR token

The VIGOR token is a low volatility token like Tether USDT is. The difference is tethers are backed by useless paper and VIGOR is only minted into creation by a loan and is backed by crypto collateral assets with real value and once loans get paid off the VIGOR is destroyed. it is the right place for you !

You may also purchase VIGOR token on or If you already have VIGOR, then please ensure you’re providing liquidity on based on the criteria stated above.

See you all in the pool!

Cheers :)

Hello, I’m from Italy cryptos & blockchain support. I will help Vigor community develop, progress and succeed. “Dont be a dick, be a dude”

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