DEFIBOX DeFi application platform on EOS! Mining BOX and collect fees!

So here we are, the next bull run is here and we also know what it’s called: DeFi!
No savvy crypto dude would ever miss the new technological revolution that is about to distribute wealth to many and financial freedom to everyone.

Since the ETH network is crippled by scalability issues and skyrocketing fees, Newdex as undisputed leader of EOS exchange market, has planned well in advance a winning strategy to take the bull by the horns. It decided to fund and support Defibox which is a new platform on EOS dedicated to DeFi. The new initiative has been launched on 21 July 2020, aiming of becoming the DeFi application of reference on the EOS network. Indeed the EOS space with speed and free transactions is currently seeing a surge of financial products like Equilibrium Network, Pizza, etc.. It is very important to point out though none of them have a solid endorsement behind, like Newdex is for Defibox!

Defibox has been started by the Defibox Foundation, who is in charge of its management until replaced by a community of Defibox holders which will be called BOX DAO (Defibox Decentralized Autonomous Community). The BOX DAO has the ultimate purpose to replace the Foundation and decentralize the governance of the project.

How Defibox works.

Defibox SWAP

LIQUIDITY POOLS are needed for SWAP to function well. The smart contract releases 0.0896 BOX per second for liquidity mining, and the BOX mining rewards are distributed according to the ratio of the value of your liquidity assets to the value of the total liquidity assets. The mining weight of your market-making liquidity pool that you participate in must > 0; otherwise you will not be able to get BOX reward. The more liquidity you add to Defibox the more you would earn BOX tokens + collect the trading fees. Deposited assets in liquidity can be withdrawn at any time. To remove or reduce liquidity just scroll down and click on manage.

Defibox USN stablecoin generation

BOX staking

Stake NDX to generate BOX

Are you ready?

Defibox Contract / Account:

Defibox Holders

BOX Token



Defibox Team

Newdex Team

USN Danchor Token

The Defibox smart contracts have passed the security audit, but there may still be risks. It is recommended that you invest appropriate market-making funds according to your own risk tolerance.Please do not add funds that you cannot afford to lose into the market!

The EOS token issuance contract can be changed at any time. Therefore, when there are malicious tokens in the liquidity pool, the market maker of the liquidity pool may suffer losses. The market maker shall bear the resulting losses. Please be sure to learn more about the specific circumstances of the tokens

Defibox App

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Defibox whitepaper

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